Updates From the Field – Nepal

Open Hands has been invited by EQUIP Nepal to consider starting a savings group program in the country of Nepal. Merle Burkholder, Darin Hershberger, and Joe Kuepfer will be traveling to Nepal in December to conduct a feasibility study regarding a possible savings group program there. More updates on this potential program will be given […]

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Updates From the Field – Haiti

Due to the hurricane in Haiti the participants in Open Hands savings groups have not been able to save as much as they had been saving. However, the funds they have saved will be very helpful to them in buying food and rebuilding damaged houses. Through the assistance funds that many groups have, they have […]

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A World of Plenty

The college I attend held a Hunger Symposium last month. It created awareness of the problems of hunger in our communities. We live in a world that produces enough food for everybody and in a country that wastes food. In my opinion, hunger should not be a problem. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, […]

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