Chihuahua, Mexico Program Launch

The Chihuahua, Mexico program launch is just around the corner! At the end of May, we are planning a training after which we will launch a new savings group program in the Cuauhtémoc area of Chihuahua. We are excited to partner with Anabaptist Savings and Loans (ASAL). The savings group participants will have the opportunity to learn discipline and the benefit of working together as they save funds. The savings will then help those interested in business with the down payment necessary to qualify for an ASAL loan. We are excited about the partnership and how we can create a greater impact by working together!

From Open Hands, we plan to have Lyndon Swarey lead out in the training and program launch. Dietrich Miller, our Mexico program manager, and Mike Weaver, our Colombia/Venezuela program manager will be assisting with the training. From ASAL, Roman Miller and Albert Overholt are planning to be involved in this exciting program launch.

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