man saving to buy land in Thailand
man saving to buy land in Thailand

Palapo Saving to Buy Land

Mr. Palapo is a member of Ma-ojo Savings Goup. He wants his group to be strong and save money.

What is the total amount of money you have saved?
– 170 Baht ($5.40)
What do you plan to do with the money you have saved?
– I want to save this money for my grandchildren.
– I plan to use the money to buy a piece of land in the future.
Have you ever borrowed money from your group? If yes, how much money did you borrow and what did you buy with it?
– Not yet. Because the group has not allowed the members to take a loan yet.
Since becoming a group member how has your financial situation changed?
– Now I know how to save money and use it worthily.
Since becoming a member of this group how has your relationship changed with;
– God, I offer the tithe to the church more faithfully.
– Others, I respect other people more.
– Yourself, I could be honest to myself and I have goals for myself.
– Creation, I thank God for the creation and I ask Him to lead me when I do the farm and I ask Him to give me good weather and enough water.

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