couple saving for an emergency in Thailand
couple saving for an emergency in Thailand

Didi & Katoo Saving for an Emergency

Mr. Didi and Mrs. Katoo are members of Ma-ojo Savings group, for 7 months. Here are their responses to a survey:

Why are you a member of this group?
– Because I want to save money for each year and I want the group to be a good example for the young people, and I want to be part of that.
How many savings group are you a member?
– 1 group.
What is the total amount of money you have saved?
– 370 Baht ($12) for each of us. In total we have 740 Baht ($24)
What do you plan to do with the money you have saved?
– Use it in emergency such as when we need to go to hospital.
Have you ever borrowed money from your group? If yes, how much money did you borrow and what did you buy with it?
– Not yet. Because the group has not allowed the members to take a loan yet.
Since becoming a group member how has your financial situation changed?
– Now I know how to save money and use it worthily.
Since becoming a member of this group how has your relationship changed with;
– God, Now I pray and go to church faithfully.
– Others, I can understand other people more.
– Yourself, I could be honest to myself to save and I take care of myself more.
– Creation, I take care of the trees and the environment around my house.

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