Ayuk Chitwa using savings and borrowing from savings group to conquer poverty and meet his family's needs

Conquering Poverty, Meeting Family Needs

Meet Mr. Ayub Chitwa, a member of Matendo Savings Group in Luanda Sub County, Kenya, where he has been a member since its formation in 2018. He bought the large black and white cross breed cow for $130 from his first savings cycle. It’s now worth $391 in their local market and is again pregnant. The cow gave birth to the smaller one standing next to it which is worth $235. A cross breed calf sells at $87. In 2020 he bought the black cow which is now pregnant and is also worth about $391. In 2021 he borrowed $39 from his group and bought the goat. The goat which is now worth $52 gave birth early this year to a kid that can be sold for $22. He has used his loans to buy a few chickens, some of which can be seen. Three of the mother hens each have 10 or more chicks. There are 4 other hens that are presently brooding 14 eggs each. By December he hopes to have about 90 mature chickens, each can be sold for $6 or more. Ayub is on a mission of conquering poverty and meeting his family needs.

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