young girl saving for school fees in Thailand

A Young Girl Saving for School Fees

This girl is a savings group member. Her parents are working in the city, so another family is taking care of her.
Her name is Miss Kanlayanee Wittayawattanakul. The name of the group she is in is Kua Kul Savings Group.
How long have you been a member of this group?
– 8 months (September-April)
Why are you a member of this group?
Because I can trust the leaders and the members of the group.
How many savings groups are you a member?
1 group. This group is the first group I have joined.
What is the total amount of money you have saved?
600 baht
What do you plan to do with the money you have saved?
I will use the money I have saved for my school fees in the future.
Have you ever borrowed money from your group? If yes, how much money did you borrow and what did you buy with it?
Not yet.
Since becoming a group member how has your financial situation changed?
I have more discipline about using money because I have plan how much I should save and how much I can use it each month.
Since becoming a member of this group how has your relationship changed with;
God, I can come to God closer and I ask God to lead me more in everything I do.
Others, I work with other people more and get to know them more as well.
Yourself, I have more discipline and I can do my responsibilities better.
Creation, I know that all creation is from God. I have to protect the creation and take care of it.

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